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Transform any treadmill into a VR fitness adventure! 

GIVE YOUR TREADMILL JOURNEY A DESTINATION. Transform boring treadmill workouts into VR fitness adventures with Octonic’s virtual worlds, and inspire your personal best without leaving your home or gym!

Our VR running product allows you to combine immersive VR with the natural movements of walking, jogging or running on a treadmill. Just step on a treadmill, put on the VR headset, perform a quick VR/MR calibration, and start walking and jogging naturally in VR. Your treadmill exercise will never be the same.

This early access version provides our first two running environments, inclusive of our multiplayer world, Arena, and daylight/sunset environments in Caves and Canyons, and any updates to these environments moving forward.

Octonic VR Worlds and Tracks


Venture into our Caves and Canyons natural wonder environment can be experienced by day or during a spectacular sunset. There, you’ll swing past scores of desert cacti, swerve in and out of caverns, and trot by towering mountains and arches. Our stunning and breath-takingly beautiful vistas will be the perfect backdrop for your workouts. Running through majestic natural landscapes is peaceful and with Octonic, it is always accessible and entertaining.

Distance: 6 mi / 10 km. Type: Nature, Single-player. Comfort: Easy.


Transport yourself to an interplanetary competition in our Arena environment. Set in a futuristic stadium floating through space, you’ll run through a simulated, 8-lane track that will test your speed and endurance. You won’t be alone, either, as you can add up to seven friends, AI competitors, or random runners from across the world to join you on their marks, pushing you to your limit as you race to the finish line.

Distance: 0.6 mi / 1 km. Type: SciFi, Single + AI Opponents. Comfort: Intense.


Journey back to the early days of Octonic in Clear Lake, our very first cartoon-like running world that set the stage for the advanced worlds we’re building today. Based on the actual trail of the same name in Oregon, you’ll run through a forest, across expansive bridges, and by a glistening lake. Be sure to look out for wildlife as well – just don’t get too close to them!

Distance: 0.9 miles / 1.4 km. Type: Nature, Single-player. Comfort: Easy.

Key features of Octonic’s proprietary software:

  • Compatible with any treadmill.
  • Three-level safety system and full hand-tracking, allowing for safe and comfortable workouts. - Immersive and entertaining running environments.
  • Calibration tool that aligns the virtual environment with the physical treadmill.
  • Synchronization between the headset and treadmill, allowing for a seamless running experience, without motion sickness.
  • Avatar customization.
  • Competitive running challenges against AI opponents.
  • Key performance tracking indicators like distance, speed, and calories burned. 

Read before downloading (requirements and recommendations)

  • Works with ALL fitness treadmills and ONLY with treadmills! NOT suitable for non-treadmill use or treadmills WITHOUT handrails.
  • Designed for and works only with Meta/Oculus Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Not compatible with tethered VR headsets and Oculus Quest 1.
  • This is an innovative MR/VR product that allows you to sync the speed of the physical treadmill (operating the physical controls using MR passthrough) with the virtual world movement (adjusting the virtual speed in VR).
  • This app is designed for hand tracking (controllers are not needed). Please make sure controllers are outside of range of the headset to avoid any interference.
  • If you plan on jogging or running, we strongly recommend using a non-fabric head strap (Oculus Elite, Kiwi, etc).

Who should use Octonic VR

Our product is designed for three groups of people: VR enthusiasts, fitness seekers, and competitive runners. With our gamified platform, VR enthusiasts can channel their interest in immersive technology into games that give them VR workouts.  Virtual environments with miles of running trails will ensure that fitness enthusiasts add variety to their routines while staying engaged. And finally, our competitive races will give runners intense challenges that will help them level up their running abilities. 

No matter who the audience, treadmill running will never feel as entertaining as with our platform. If you’re looking to elevate a boring running experience to a fun and entertaining activity, Octonic VR is your choice.

Your feedback

This app is early access, and is intended to give users a chance to evaluate compatibility with their treadmill, movement mechanics, comfort, and safety features of our technology. We are continuing to develop our product, but at this point would appreciate your feedback specifically as it relates to its use with a treadmill for a short individual walking/jogging session. Your feedback (good or bad) is welcome on our DISCORD. If you would like to learn about updates and developments, please leave your email on our WEBSITE.


Buy Now$23.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $23 USD. You will get access to the following files:

octonic-android.apk 2 GB

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